Anaika Wood Ltd Oy is a leading Finnish wood processing company with roots stretching back to 1993. The company employs around 150 professionals in the wood industry in three regions. Anaika Wood Group’s processing facilities are located in Lieksa and Kiihtelysvaara, Joensuu, Finland. The sawmills are located in Soinlahti, Iisalmi, and Toivakka.

Anaika uses local wood as its raw material: The company sources spruce with a straight trunk and sound knots from the Savo region and Central Finland as well as solid pine with a beautiful structure from Karelia in Eastern Finland. The company processes wood material into sawn timber, planed sawn timber and glulam. The by-products include wood shavings for use as litter for domestic animals and pets, and sawdust and woodchip for paper mills and heating plants.

Overall, Anaika Wood Group’s production consists of 30% glulam beams, 45% planed structural timber and 30% sawn timber. The majority of the products are exported to Japan and other Asian countries. The products are also exported to different countries in Europe, North Africa and the United States.

Anaika Wood Group Ltd Oy’s raw material sourcing is based on the principles of sustainable forest management. The company is committed to sourcing high-quality, local raw materials and taking environmental factors into account. The company aims to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations by minimising emissions and energy consumption.

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Anaika Wood Group Ltd Oy, Lieksa

Wood processing

Turnover EUR 72.8 million (2017)
Year of investment 1997