Heatterm Oy is the parent company of a group known by the marketing name of Bevenic Group (www.bevenic.fi). Bevenic Group is a strong, innovative group of companies whose solutions serve a variety of fields of industry. The companies in Bevenic Group supply tailored products and services to their clients with a need for high-quality and flexible deliveries. In addition to Heatterm Oy, the group includes Avatron Oy (Vantaa), Combinent Oy (Porvoo) and Elektropoint Oy (Hollola and Kuopio).

Heatterm designs and manufactures products used for ensuring reliable operation of electrically operated equipment in special conditions. The company’s products are used for purposes such as preventing the formation of humidity, heating cold spaces, and removing excessive heat. Around half of Heatterm’s production is exported to loyal clients on different continents.

Avatron Oy is a contract manufacturer of devices, components and prototypes used in electronics and automation industries. Avatron’s product range includes analyzators, mechatronic installations, control boxes, electronic cabinets and electronic boards.  The company’s clients are technology companies with international operations.

Combinent Oy designs and manufactures high-quality slip rings for industrial and defence purposes. Slip rings are used for transmitting electricity, liquid and gas through a 360° rotating joint. Combinent Oy also designs and manufactures mechanical devices for demanding conditions on land and sea.

Electropoint Oy’s business activities include circuit board assembly, electronics assembly, buffering of materials and products, wiring harness manufacturing, and electrical equipment assembly. The company provides its customers with materials management solutions and close development cooperation.

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Heatterm Oy (group), Loviisa

Manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components and product assembly

Turnover EUR 10.1 million (2017)
Year of investment 2006