A long-term owner for the selective industrial companies

Canelco is a Finnish industrial conglomerate, whose parent company is Canelco Oy. Canelco has the key role in strategic development to its companies as a major or significant minor owner. We believe in people, in their know-how and in achieving success together. The companies Canelco credits owe a large part of their successes to engaging all personnel within the companies from top level downwards.

Canelco is a long-term owner to all its companies aiming for strong growth and good profitability. Our methodology with top management is to assist them in finding new possibilities for growth and development. Efforts, together with carefully calculated and well-timed investments are needed to be able to develop in your business.

Canelco as an industrial corporation and conglomerate is a very good home for a developing company as well as for the present owners, for the top management, and for the whole personnel.

Thinking over a change of ownership within your company?

Canelco is a good opportunity for you to continue the valuable work that has been already achieved in your company. We will join our forces with the present management for the future growth which will be based on the strengths of the company to be even stronger within this changing world.


Canelco offers you openness, reliability, cooperation coupled with steady transparent growth.

Employees & professionals

The companies that Canelco owns prioritize staff well-being, creating a safe and supportive working environment. Canelco recognizes that specific skill sets should be encouraged and supported and are vital to success.

Canelco Konserni

Group structure - Business areas & group companies
Canelco Oy
Group Management (Canelco Management Oy)
Experts and Co-operation network
Industrial Products
Bevenic Group
Industrial Services
Stairon Group
Mech wood processing
Anaika Wood Group
Truck Sales & Services


  • Group consists of the parent company Canelco Oy and its 4 subsidiaries and investee companies
  • An industrial corporation and conglomerate that is solvent growth company
  • Canelco Oy as a parent company with 20 M€ balance sheet
  • Holds and invests from its own balance sheet
  • Nationwide, offices in Helsinki and Kuopio

History in brief

The roots of Canelco goes back to 1988, when the investment and development company Savon Teknia Oy was founded.

1988Savon Teknia, the investment and development company was founded
1997Teknia Invest, the management company was founded
2001the key personnel of Teknia Invest become the owners of the management company
2005Teknia Invest merged with Sentio Invest and formed Sentica Partners of which strategy was to focus on growth finance and MBO/MBI’s
2009the key team focused on M&A’s in transactions within Sentica Partners, bought this business as a MBO from Sentica, and Canelco Management Oy was founded
2014investment company Saimaa Capital was found by the merger of East-Finland Fund Oy and fund Indekon Oy
2017the owners of Canelco Management became the key owners of Saimaa Capital Oy; Finnish government owned company Veraventure sold its shares as a part of its strategy change. Investment company Saimaa Capital Oy bought the shares of Uusimaa Investment Fund Oy from Veraventure at the same point.
2020Saimaa Capital Oy changed its name to Canelco Capital as a part of the clarification process of Canelco brand. Canelco Management Oy was officially found.
2021Canelco Capital and Uusimaa Investment Fund started a merger process and decided to continue under Canelco Capital brand
2022new, industrial conglomerate Canelco Capital started after the merger and updates its strategy