Sustainable growth maker

Our attitude towards entrepreneurship and the development of the companies is enthusiastic and responsible. We are interested in the companies that are willing to grow, have a professional management structure, and additionally committed to the profitable growth and value creation.

We work as an active shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors, and our focus is in continuously processing the future growth. We bring capital as well as broad know-how and versatile experience which supports strategic management, board work as well as the operative work of the companies. We also play a key role when negotiating about the finance or M&A processes.

Our experiences in the development of industrial SME companies has provided us with added expertise and effectiveness which we in turn have brought to Canelco.


  • a long-term shareholder
  • a determined business developer
  • a provider of shared expertise and experiences
  • a builder of profitable growth

Canelco Prosessi

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Operative Work
Shareholder and ownership strategy
Business Review
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Corporate Image & Culture
Guidelines & paths for the growth & future
Visible Fact-based KPI’s & decision making
Effectiveness of expertise, technology & infrastructure
People, Values & Brand as an assets
Value growth & development
Improvement in core competencies
Brightening in Corporate Brand



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Management team
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Sustainable and responsible business with solid base

We are committed to responsible business as an investor and owner. Environmental, societal, and governmental issues are priorities in our business model. Our target is to lower risk and help our holdings participate in those opportunities in which their growth, value creation, core competence and profitability could be realized on a sustainable platform. We aim to be a long-term, responsible owner and partner to all stakeholders.