Our Holdings

Canelco has 4 holdings in industrial product and/or service companies. The total turnover is appr. 180 M€ and there are appr. 600 employees within these companies.


Bevenic Group Oy, Loviisa

Manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components and product assembly

Turnover 40,0 M€ (2023)
Share of ownership 84,28 %
Year of acquisition 2019

Manager: Mikko Kuparinen (chairman of the Board)

Stairon Group Oy, Turku

An industrial service company

Turnover 16,2 M€ (2023)
Share of ownership 61,54 %
Year of acquisition 2019

Manager: Pekka Hietala (chairman of the Board)

Minority Holdings

Anaika Wood Group Ltd Oy, Lieksa

Mechanical wood processing

Turnover 84,3 M€ (2023)
Share of ownership 47,06 %
Year of acquisition 1997

Manager: Mikko Kuparinen (chairman of the Board)

Raskaspari Oy, Iisalmi, Joensuu, Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli ja Sipoo

Heavy truck sales & service

Turnover 41,0 M€ (2023)
Share of ownership 38,00 %
Year of acquisition 2019

Managers: Mikko Kuparinen (chairman of the Board), Pekka Hietala