We respect the people and the expertise

There are six of us who serve our companies and stakeholders. We have a long and versatile experience in managing and developing the Finnish industrial SME’s, private equity, entrepreneurship, board work and consultancy. We work as a responsible and professional operator aiming for sustainable and profitable growth.

Canelco is managed by Canelco Management Oy. It is fully owned by the key personnel, as entrepreneurs among the holdings that Canelco owns. The owners of Canelco Management are also significant owners and investors in the parent company, Canelco Capital.


Making of successful corporate stories is determined teamwork

I work as CEO in Canelco. I have over 30 years’ experience working with the SME’s. Within these years I have been involved in over 150 M&A transactions. I believe that success requires people who are committed and possess broad expertise. It is possible to reach targets together with good planning and dedicated persons. Success stories are always dependent on the persons involved.

Mikko Kuparinen, Canelco.

Sustainable growth and profitability is based on many factors

Continuous anticipation of future developments and subsequent implementation on your own company is a cornerstone of success. For decades I have been building courageous options and targets for the SME’s. Today’s management is based more and more on knowledge of yourself and acquiring information from all areas. I love to create optimal conditions for growth, share my expertise and experiences, and walk the path together with our companies.

Pekka Hietala, Canelco.

Goal-oriented and skillful people, are key attributes to achieve good results

I have some 40 years of experience working for bigger companies, SME’s and in finance organizations. I have been working from planner to CEO and in over 40 different companies as a board member. Clear, measurable targets, genuine collaboration, encouragement and continuous learning are the key success factors of today’s business life.

Eero Liimatainen, Canelco.

High level know-how and co-operation skills are distinguishing attributes to success.

Companies that are successful are at an advantage since they can recruit the best candidates. Growing and developing companies are thus attractive to recruits. This in turn is recognized by stakeholders and indicative of a well-working cooperative. During my experience in the development of industrial companies I have assumed many different roles. I have learned that high expertise of individuals together with good co-operation skills sets a company apart from others. This combined with close customer relations provides the key areas needed for success.
Esko Teerikorpi, Canelco.

In my case, good management is the basis for success. The targets are met together with people.

I have over 20 years of experience in internal and external accounting and management reporting. I work with the top management and accounting personnel on Canelco’s holdings in different development projects in accounting and management reporting. When the management procedure is systematic and goal-oriented and the IT-systems are working, everyone knows their own targets. In turn the KPI’s are met with the corporate KPI’s, and the company thus has a clear indicator of its performance.

Sari Pietiläinen, Canelco.

Controller’s work aims for the future

Effective work brings results. You need to be curious, question today’s way of work and help the top management to see and meet the alternatives. You need to understand the business to be able to recognize for yourself, the growth paths, and increased competitiveness, or profitability. I have some 10 years of experience in internal accounting in different companies. I assist with the decision making within the companies that Canelco holds, help them work more efficiently, look forward, and develop their processes to meet the best economical results.

Lauri Itkonen, Canelco.

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