Canelco clarifies its brand strategy

Canelco Capital has clarified its brand strategy under one Canelco name and brand. The management company has changed its name to Canelco Management Oy and the major investment company Saimaa Capital will be under the name Canelco Capital Oy for now on. Canelco Invest Oy name will stay untouched. 

Focus on industrial product & service companies

Canelco will focus on the ownerships as an industrial group of SME companies. Canelco focuses more to the companies with strong business concept with growth potential in industrial products and services. The companies would meet 10 to 30 MEUR turnover and has proven potential to grow. 

The management teams within these companies have always a significant role. Canelco’s role is as a majority or major minority shareholder to build a long-term, steady strategic growth and profitability path with the key personnel. The growth paths always includes investments for the future needs. Canelco focuses on value-adding processes to the owners with sustainability values of the ownership and employer. 

Canelco Capital Oy

Mikko Kuparinen

Managing Director

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