SSG Sahala and KPA UNICON have entered into a close partnership, which will allow the companies to help their clients in an increasingly comprehensive way. The focus of the transaction is to join the partners’ strengths in the different areas of energy production, particularly competence in service and maintenance, as well as to enable extensive modernisation projects.

Design, technology, process competence, projection and manufacture under one contract

Joining the strengths of the partners allows the companies to provide all their services comprehensively from the design stage all the way to implementation.

Together, the companies can provide services such as the installation, annual maintenance and repair of heat, power and recovery boilers as well as heat exchangers, APHs, economisers, industrial sheet metal, and process piping. We can also carry out modernisation projects related to energy production, including increasing performance, flue gas washers, process changes, and automation updates.

Turnkey delivery of boiler repairs

Our machine shop and installation capacity also allow us to provide annual maintenance of power boilers as a turnkey service including boiler components, such as wall panels and superheaters.

Our continuous services ensure that our customers are always on top of things.

We aim at creating long-term cooperation and building services that allow us to reach the metrics and goals we have set. Together, we can provide a nationwide service network as well as continuous investments in product development.

SSG Sahala

SSG Sahala is a company specialising in industrial life cycle services. The company’s service palette covers total maintenance, condition monitoring as well as broader maintenance and installation projects. Our aim is to always familiarise ourselves with the genuine needs of our customers, and create customer-specific service packages for both individual projects as well as life cycle services spanning years.

We operate close to our customers in Finland and other Nordic countries. SSG Sahala’s key customers include nuclear power plants, conventional power boiler plants, the forest and process industry, small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, and municipal plants. SG Sahala employs more than 160 maintenance professionals and has a turnover of around EUR 15 million.


KPA Unicon is specialised in providing solutions for energy production. We implement heating plant and power plant projects, and provide our customers with extensive service kits to ensure their plants get the necessary service, maintenance and usability. At the core of our activities lies an idea of operating close to our customers’ energy production and ensuring our customers’ success.

We have international operations, and our offices are located in Finland, Russia, France, Croatia and Chile. Typically, our customers represent the energy sector, and the process, sawmill and metal industry. We employ 255 top professionals in the energy sector. Our turnover is around 80 million euros.

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