As a result of the restructuring of ownership, the funding status of Satron Automation was strengthened, as Pikespo Invest Oy became a minor owner of the company. TJB-Yhtiöt Oy, a company owned by Timo Blom and his family, will continue as the majority owner of the company. The arrangements were carried out via Satron Automation Oy, which bought the entire capital stock of Satron Instruments.

These arrangements will have no effect on the operative functions of Satron Instruments. The products, services and customer support provided by the company to its customers will remain unchanged. The company will also continue developing new products and engaging in development projects closely related to its activities similarly as before.

The business activities of Satron Instruments have been steadily growing in recent years, and the company has a strong order book in all of its business areas. The biggest obstacle that the company has faced has been caused by poor availability of working capital, which was considerably strengthened by the rearrangement.

“In recent years, we have been growing while retaining our profitability and have excellent conditions for continuing on the same path. Expanding the ownership base will provide us with even better prerequisites for engaging in profitable business activities, developing our operations, and growing our market share”, says Timo Blom, the CEO of Satron Instruments. Moreover, the expansion of the ownership base enables the company to assume an active role in future arrangements in the sector.

The company’s customers and staff have taken the news about the ownership arrangements highly positively”, notes Timo Blom.

“Our operations have always been based on long-term customer relationships, and persistent and collaborative development work. The currently realised arrangements will strengthen the prerequisites of Sarton Instruments to develop new indicators that will improve the profitability of our customers”, says Esko Teerikorpi, the Chair of the Board of Satron Instruments.

Satron Instruments develops, designs and manufactures innovative process instruments and smart measurement devices for the purposes of industrial operators. The company’s product range includes tools to measure pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, density, content, colour, temperature and liquid level. The company also provides progressive installation solutions for various applications, which can be cost-effectively implemented in existing process measurements.  Satron’s products are used in over 60 countries all over the world in paper, pulp, food and chemical industry. The company has distributors in 25 counties around the world. Of the company’s turnover, 38% originates from the Finnish market, 30% from export to the EU territory, and the remaining 32% from outside the EU all around the world.

Pikespo Invest Oy is a private equity fund established in 1985. Canelco Capital is responsible for managing the fund. In line with its investment strategy, Pikespo Invest Oy primarily makes minority investments in the ownership and succession arrangements in the SMEs in the Pirkanmaa and Häme regions. In its investment activities, the company is focused on company acquisitions by the management in SMEs, and other business restructuring.

For more information about the restructuring, contact:

Timo Blom, CEO, tel. +358 400 623 738
Esko Teerikorpi, Chair of the Board, tel. +358 40 580 6111
Mikko Kuparinen, CEO, Canelco Capital Oy, tel. +358 400 606 055

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