Pikespo Inves Oy, a company managed by Canelco, has made a significant investment in Enermix Oy, a company from Tampere, Finland. As a result of the investment, the fund will gain around 45% ownership of the company, while the majority will remain with Janne Heinonen, the founder of Enermix. Enermix Oy is a company primarily specialised in improving the energy efficiency of apartment buildings and related services. The company’s services help ensuring and verifying that the energy efficiency investments of real property are as profitable as possible.  The Enermix service concept includes a design service, property surveillance service, and different specialist services. 

The arrangements carried out by Canelco aim at creating such financial and operational conditions at Enermix that the company can achieve a significant position in the chosen target market area. While growth is initially sought in within Finland’s borders, there are also plans for the export market.

“I am extremely happy about the restructuring.  The entire investment process progressed according to plan and within the set timetable. As a result of the completed arrangements and expansion of the company’s ownership base, Enermix will have excellent premises for achieving the planned growth”, notes Janne Heinonen, the CEO of Enermix Oy.

“Enermix Oy is an extremely interesting technology company, whose business brings together the needs of real property for renovation investments, seeking energy efficiency, and utilising digitalisation.  The market Enermix is on is undergoing a significant transformation, which creates a good starting point for the currently implemented ownership arrangements’, says Mikko Kuparinen, the CEO of Canelco Capital Oy.

Enermix Oy designs, implements and monitors systems that seek to accomplish energy efficiency, primarily in the heating costs of residential property. Enermix was established in 2009 and has 5 employees.

Pikespo Invest Oy is a private equity fund established in 1985. Canelco Capital is responsible for managing the fund. In line with its investment strategy, Pikespo Invest Oy primarily makes minority investments in the ownership and succession arrangements in the SMEs in the Pirkanmaa and Häme regions. In its investment activities, the company is focused on succession arrangements in SMEs, company acquisitions by the management, and other business restructuring.

For more information about the restructuring, contact: 
Janne Heinonen, CEO, Enermix Oy, tel. +358 50 439 4800
Ossi Numminen, Chair of the Board, Enermix Oy / Senior Advisor Canelco Capital Oy, tel. +358 400 850 777
Mikko Kuparinen, CEO, Canelco Capital Oy, +358 400 606 055

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