In Varkaus, 31 March 2017 – On this day, SSG Mill Service, a subsidiary of SSG Sahala, has agreed on the purchase of the business of MEK Field Engineering. The key fields of speciality of MEK Field Engineering include mechanical installations for industry, and maintenance and project services. The company employs 40 persons, who will transfer to the SSG Mill Service under their existing employment contracts.

Petri Salo, the group leader of SSG Sahala, serves as the CEO of the new subsidiary, and Marko Jyrkkänen will continue as the Director of Installation. As a result of the deal, MEK Field Engineering will be co-owner of SSG Mill Service.

SSG is specialised in life cycle services for the industry, including both overall maintenance as well as maintenance and installation projects. The business acquisition enables providing the customers of both companies with increasingly extensive and flexible services. It also serves as incentive to extend the services to new market areas in Finland and abroad.

“The arrangements we are carrying out are part of our development strategy which aims continuously developing the quality of activities, and responding to the demands of our customers and the entire operating environment. As a result of the merger, we will be able to provide our customers with more tailored services, and have the necessary resources for expanding our market area. This particularly strengthens our operational capacity in the pulp and paper industry”, explains, Petri Salo, the leader of the Group.

SSG’s most significant market areas include power plants, forestry, and process industry, and the break bulk cargo industry. After the business transaction, the company will have 160 employees and a turnover of around EUR 16 million. SSG is located in Varkaus, Finland.

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