Canelco updated its strategy


The Board of Directors of Canelco Capital has made the decision for the new strategy guidelines for years 2022 – 2024   

The new stragegy is based on a deeper analysis 

The basis of the Canelco’s new strategy was a deeper analysis on which Canelco positioned itself to an investment corporation owning and holding industrial SMEs. Canelco is an industrial corpororation and conglomerate. Canelco differs from the others, because it is at the same time entrepreneurial and institutional as the ownership structure. The long history also entitles a solid cornerstone on which the future growth will be based on.

The business model of Canelco within the new strategy aims to

  • execute the development, renewal and versatile of industrial SME in Finland
  • engourage to the changes of ownerships within the Finnish SME’s from its own point of view
  • treasure the entrepreneurship and key management’s strong contribution
  • contribute in the committed and improving personnel and good teams

Canelco is a growth company, and the growth will be based on the growth of each holding Canelco owns. Every company will define the most suitable way and time to grow. The industrial process model will be the main business model in which each company will be held in a profitable and long-term way. Canelco and its holdings are well-managed, predictable, and cashflow positive enterprises. Canelco is also seeking after new investments. The capital and cashflow generated from the growth will cumulate and add value to the owners and their dividend policy.

The KPI’s for the strategic growth, net results, return of equity and value-adding growth are:

  • The annual average growth rate exceeding 15 % on the Group level
  • The operating profit of each holding exceeding 5 %
  • Return of Equity (ROE) to the Investors at least 10 %
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Growth exceeding 20 %

Canelco Capital Oy

Mikko Kuparinen
Managing Director

More information:

Mikko Kuparinen, managing director, Canelco Capital Oy, +358 400 606055 mikko.kuparinen(at)

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