Rantotek Oy and KPA Unicon Oy have agreed on an asset deal on 22 December 2017 which involves KPA Unicon Oy transferring its Pirkkala’s project design work to Rantotek. As a result of the business deal, 6 employees transferred to Rantotek on 1 January 2018 under their existing employment contracts.

The arrangement is part of KPA Unicon’s development strategy, where internal design activities focus on core operations and subcontracting is intensified with partners. The transaction is a natural follow-up for long-time cooperation between KPA Unicon and Rantotek in the field of energy production solutions.

“With the transaction, Rantotek’s competence is strengthened especially in boiler plant engineering and this transaction is an important part of Comatec Group’s strategy implementation with a strong focus on project business,” says Jouni Tuonоnen, the CEO of Rantotek Oy.

”Our goal is to focus our own resources on our core business in providing our customers with energy production solutions and services. We focus our design resources on basic design and co-ordination of design at our offices in Pieksämäki, Kuopio and Helsinki. To achieve this, we need partnerships. We have been cooperating with Rantotek for a long time and with our experience, we believe that this business arrangement will serve all parties,” says Teemu Koskela, Managing Director of KPA Unicon.

Rantotek Oy, a member of Comatec Group, is an expert in energy sector. Rantotek’s core competences are boiler plant technology, high pressure pipelines and vessels. Rantotek’s services consist of sub-assemblies, such as process engineering, thermal design, strength calculation, equipment and plant design, and conformity assessment documentation. These areas form an integral part for investing in boiler plants starting from the decision to commissioning.

KPA Unicon provides life cycle services for responsible district heat, steam and power generation. The company was founded in 1990 and has since then delivered over 300 biomass boiler plants and over 2,000 oil and gas boiler plants to Finland and the global market. The Group employs over 250 energy industry professionals. Its turnover in 2017 was around EUR 80 million with strongly positive outturns. The Group comprises of parent company KPA Unicon Group Oy and its subsidiary KPA Unicon Oy in Finland, and international subsidiaries in France, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Chile. The company’s headquarters are located in Pieksämäki, Finland and energy-producing factories at Kiuruvesi and Lapua, Finland.

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