Lemtapes Oy, a company established in Lempäälä, Finland, has bought the hot melt string business of Emport Oy, a company owned by the Harkki family, on a commercial contract signed on 30 November 2015. Emport Oy will also become a co-owner of Lemtapes Oy together with Pikespo Invest Oy managed by Canelco Capital Oy and key persons. Emport Oy will continue the import and sales of flat products under the ownership of the Harkki family.  

In recent years, the hot melt string business has been growing in both plywood and packaging industry, and has a strong order book in both business areas. Lemtapes Oy aims to expand its operative activities with strong emphasis on measures such as expanding to new overseas markets. The company’s growth and development prospects are particularly good in packaging industry products. The ownership restructuring is believed to further accelerate the development of the company’s business activities.

“Last year, the hot melt string activities produced great profits and we have brilliant conditions for continuing on the same path. Expanding the ownership base will provide us with even better prerequisites for engaging in profitable business activities, developing our operations, and growing our market”, says Sami Liponkoski, the CEO of Lemtapes Oy.

“Our operations have always been based on long-term customer relationships, and persistent and collaborative product development work. The present arrangements will strengthen the conditions for Lemtapes Oy to develop and deliver products and services improving our customers’ profitability. In this context, succession arrangements will be carried out at Emport Oy, and having a clearer focus on flat products will allow us to pay closer attention to customers’ needs in this field”, says Pekka Harkki, the founder of Emport and Member of the Board of Lemtapes.

“Emport Oy is a finely managed and led family enterprise, and it is a joy to get to now continue growing and developing the hot melt string business with the company’s new owner base”, notes Pekka Hietala, the Chair of the Board of Lemtapes Oy/Pekka Hietala, Director of Investments, Canelco Capital Oy.

Lemtapes manufactures and sells tapes used to strengthen and open products and packaging, and string and tape products used in the plywood and furniture industry. The company operates on the international market, and over 70% of its turnover comes from export. The company was established to continue the hot melt string business of Emport Oy. Pikespo Invest Oy is a private equity fund established in 1985. Canelco Capital is responsible for managing the fund.

In line with its investment strategy, Pikespo Invest Oy primarily makes minority investments in the ownership and succession arrangements in the SMEs in the Pirkanmaa and Häme regions. In its investment activities, the company is focused on succession arrangements in SMEs, company acquisitions by the management, and other business restructuring.

For more information about the restructuring, contact: 
Sami Liponkoski, CEO, Lemtapes Oy, tel. +358 40 8422470
Pekka Hietala, Chair of the Board, Lemtapes Oy / Director of Investments Canelco Capital Oy tel. +358 400 606 026
Pekka Harkki, Founder, Emport Oy, tel. +358 40 505 2347
Mikko Kuparinen, CEO, Canelco Capital Oy, +358 400 606 055

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